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By Vaclav Vincalek, CIO


Back when the company was just starting out, Barb asked George to order the hardware from Dell. He ordered a version of the hardware he used at home, with a few changes suggested by a sales guy he doesn’t even remember.

The hardware arrives. Naturally, George gets the job of setting up the computers for their team. The company grows and more computers show up. George does his thing, installing Office, your business apps and making sure there’s virus protection on every machine. George was the guy in the right place at the right time. Somewhere along the way, he officially (or unofficially) became the head of IT.

Which is to say that the head of the IT department – officially, your CIO, CTO or other similarly expert-sounding top tech person, is the guy that happened to be around when someone needed Windows installed.

George is not necessarily a trained technology expert – and there might not be any real technology strategy management training anywhere in his resume.

A can-do-attitude and willingness to read through installation instructions can go a long way when a company is building up; George is still a pretty capable go-to guy when it comes to putting out fires. But at some point, you need the kind of technology expertise that you can only get from someone who has more than improvised, on-the-job training. That’s where the CIO in a Box comes in.

The idea is to bring in a senior technology executive part-time so a company can do more than just respond to tech crises and put out fires. Many companies aren’t even aware this is an option, assuming they will have to put a senior person on payroll full time – which can be a pricey thing to do. CIO in a Box gives companies another option.

What does a CIO in a Box do?

  • Provides a technology perspective during leadership team meetings
  • Help hire executives
  • Strategize technology initiatives
  • Develop disaster recovery plans
  • Assist with IT security audits

And much more. George is a great guy – but companies are well advised to get help for him before he gets in over his head.

Considering using a CIO in a Box – or want to know more about what options are out there? Get in touch.


By Brian Antenbring, President


When companies are looking to hire, it might seem more natural to promote within rather than hiring from outside. After all, you’ve got a bird in the hand, so to speak – a known quality in an internal candidate. They’ve already proven themselves as part of your team (or else you would have gotten rid of them, right)?

Not so fast.

A bad hire from within can be just as damaging as a bad hire from out there. You’re not just paying their salary; a great candidate who turns out to be a terrible employee can disrupt an entire team or campaign. Your company is on the line. It’s important to consider the real reasons why we look beyond our own building for top talent:

Specialized Skills. We operate in a very different business environment than even a decade or so ago. Particularly in the technology field, many skill sets are not easily transferrable, no matter how adaptive and enthusiastic members of your team are. If you can’t easily develop the expertise internally, you’re going to have to look elsewhere.

Needing New Ideas. Whether it’s a creative design team that just isn’t connecting with what the customers want, or changing up the overall direction of a company, hiring an executive from outside can inspire your team with innovative ideas that they never would have touched on inside their own bubble.

Hitting the Talent Ceiling. When the company started, you made do with the team that you had. They’ve done well overall, but now that you’ve worked together a while, the gaps in expertise have become irritatingly clear. As much as you like Tim and think he might have what it takes a year from now, you don’t have the time to get him up to speed.

New Leadership. Culture and personal conflicts aren’t the major cause of low morale and dysfunction on a team. Typically, leadership and communication breakdowns are much biggest factors and you’ve got to get this right. Outside candidates may have a better chance of restoring order and morale than an insider who has contributed to the problem in the first place.

Looking for a recruiter who can find the talent you need right now? Let us know about your how we can help.

TEEMA Solutions Group Makes it on the Inc 5000 as Fastest Growing Companies in North America in 2014

TEEMA Solutions Group (TEEMA), one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the US, announced their second appearance on the Inc 500 | 5000 list with an honor award.

The Inc. 500 is an annual list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies in the United States, introduced in 1982. The Inc. 5000 is an expansion of the Inc. 500, which ranks the country’s top 5000 fastest-growing private companies and also features a special ranking of the top 10% of the list as the Inc. 500.

“We’re honored to make the Inc5000 list for the second straight year.  We would like to thank our clients across the country who have made this difficult accomplishment, a reality.  Without their support and trust in our service, this would not have been possible.”

The see the full results of the Inc 5000, go to 2014 Inc 5000 List.


Steve Reimer
Vice President

About TEEMA Solutions Group:

TEEMA Solutions Group Inc. (TEEMA) is a customized staffing and technology solutions firm, providing full cycle talent and project solutions that achieve targeted results.

TEEMA Staffing Solutions offers end-to-end staffing solutions that align with your company’s values, productivity and bottom line. We’ll take care of finding the right person for the right position at the right time, from Executive and C-Level selections, to professional and technical positions. Our specialties include IT, Healthcare, Accounting and Finance, Supply Chain Logistics, Engineering, SOMAH (Sales/ Operations/ Marketing/ Administration/HR) and Executive Search.

TEEMA Technology helps solve challenging technical problems many businesses face. With TEEMA you’ll get guaranteed results and reliable service, combined with the deep technical knowledge and skill needed in a trusted technology advisor and partner. Our services include Software Development, Enterprise Resource Planning, Mobile Solutions, Systems Integration, Strategy and Innovation, and Technology-Certified Managed Services.

For more information about TEEMA Solutions Group, please visit www.teemagroup.com

About Inc.com.

We’re also the publisher of Inc. magazine, which for more than 30 years has been the premier print publication for entrepreneurs and business owners. In 1982, we introduced the Inc. 500, which showcases the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States. Twenty-five years later we expanded the list to the Inc. 5000 to help readers get a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape.

We host several Inc. Events, including the annual Inc. 500|5000 Conference & Awards Ceremony, which celebrates the Inc. 500|5000 and allows honorees, alumni, and other growth-minded entrepreneurs to learn and network.

We launched Inc.com, which is replete with small business ideas, information, and inspiration, as well as practical advice from those who have done it before, in 1996.

TEEMA Solutions in Support of #ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge, sometimes called the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on one’s head or donating to the ALS Association in the United States.

Below you will find some of our TEEMA members in support of the #StrikeOutALS #IceBucketChallenge. If you wish to donate to the #ALS Association, please click here.

Welcome New TEEMA Member – Tony Carter


Coming from the catering industry where he owned a catering business, Tony understands the importance of serving the customer. He joined the staffing business in 1989 with a strong commitment to helping others. This has been true on both the client and candidate sides. Furthermore, making a positive impact in people’s lives helps them to be both happy and successful, and Tony is honored to be a part of that.

Welcome New TEEMA Member – Gavin Audagnotti


It usually takes people a couple of guesses to work out Gavin’s South African accent and has always been a fun way for him to break the ice with people he talks to. Gavin was recruited from technology sales into recruiting business development and he really enjoys the various facets of recruiting, people sourcing and business development. His strongest quality, the one that underpins his whole approach to business is honesty. It’s a privilege to be an interface between candidates and clients with 100% transparency. Sometimes candidates thank Gavin for providing them with honest feedback that they can apply to their resume and/or their career path, even if it means they did not get the job. Gavin has spent the last 7 years recruiting engineering, executive level sales and technical sales roles.

Welcome New TEEMA Member – Janice Dixon


Janice prides herself on really getting to know what her candidates are looking for in a role, and in an employer, and making the right match for them. She knows that professional satisfaction comes from loving not only what you do, but also the people you work with. Janice stays on top of the employment market in Calgary by regularly checking in with clients and candidates, as well as attending conferences and networking events. Opportunities can be found everywhere when your network is strong!

Welcome New TEEMA Member – Sara Curto


Sara is very passionate about recruitment – the thrill of connecting the right person with the right job is addictive!  She has been recruiting for over 10 years in both the corporate and staffing worlds, recruiting the full spectrum of roles – student summer positions all the way to President and CEO opportunities. She specializes in IT, Engineering and Executive recruitment but is experienced in many industries.  She has also worked as an Employment Advisor so is skilled in giving candidates the tools to wow TEEMA’s clients with their resumes and their interview ability!

Welcome New TEEMA Member – Mike Chan


Mike has been recruiting for over 1 year and has a total of 8 years experience in the industry as a Desktop Support/ Junior System Admin. He has a wide range of experience in regards to sourcing and recruiting candidates for clients in multiple industries most recently as Technical Recruiter at Robert Half Technology. He is very skilled in finding candidates to meet the needs of his clients and his recent experience working within Information Technology field has helped his transition over to Technical Recruiter.

Welcome New TEEMA Member – Judi Wannamaker


Judi Wannamaker is a driven and enthusiastic, self-professed Professional “Match-maker”. A former engineer herself (chemical engineer), Judi has been a leader in engineering and technical recruiting in Western Canada for years. She offers deep network-based recruiting via her expansive professional network, in addition to a talent for marrying key business objectives to the appropriate and exceptional candidates who increase bottom-line results to her clients.